Peter Link’s photography style: a combination of technology and art

Peter was born in 1959 in Melbourne, his parents are Czechs who left for Australia after World War II. Subsequently describing his career as a photographer, Peter speaks with the satisfaction of a man who has managed to create real miracles. Obviously, all of the artist’s wishes come true, because he takes a special photo at the right time and sells it for an incredible amount at the end of the same year. His clients and art collectors include Bill Clinton, the Rolling Stones and many famous people.

His photo «Phantom» recently broke a record and was bought for $ 6.5 million and the total value of his photographs sold is estimated at more than $ 450 million. Of course, his deals were private, and to prove that they really took place, the world community has only the loud words of the lawyers accompanying the sale.

The most sensational photo «Phantom» was taken in northern Arizona, in Antelope Canyon. This is a very popular destination for landscape photographers. The picture shows rays of light forming a mysterious haze, similar to a translucent ghost.

But «Phantom» is not Lik’s first «successful sale». In 2010, his photographic work «One» (One) received the status of one of the most expensive photographs in the world, being sold at auction for $ 1 million. «Odin» is an image of a river with a reflection of the colorful foliage of autumn trees on the water surface. This work is more like not a photo,but a painting in the style of impressionism.

Of course, peter lik style is mesmerizing from the first minutes of viewing, and many giants of the modern industry buy their digital versions for use in their gadgets.This successful photo was taken in the state of New Hampshire, on the Androskoggin River. Peter Leek called it «One» because he considered it a unique, unrepeatable, fleeting opportunity.

The popular photographer prints his work in Las Vegas, at his own enterprise. In 2021, Lik has already sold about 100 thousand of his photographs, and his income averages $ 1.6 million per week.

Many of the most dedicated photography enthusiasts have already discovered Peter Lick-style photography through his galleries and have decided to search the Internet for alternatives. Among the alternatives to this successful photographer, there are quite a few American photographers who travel around the world in search of their masterpiece, but they do not have their own printing studio, so they turn to professionals in their field, for example, Alexander Vershinin’s studio.

Today, a multi-award-winning landscape photographer, Peter Leek stands at the pinnacle of landscape photography, synonymous with images of majestic deserts, spectacular waterfalls, enchanting mountain peaks and mesmerizing canyons. It is noteworthy that the photographer himself claims that he does not use computer editing programs for processing at all.


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